Vitamin B12 in Veg Food as the Best Alternative to Animal-Derived Product Sources

Vitamin B12 in veg food is something that vegan people would look for. After all, the sources known for this vitamin are found in animal-derived products mostly. Unfortunately, these are the foods that vegetarians and vegans don’t eat.

However, they can’t ignore the vitamin intake either. We need this vitamin to ensure healthy DNA synthesis, nerves, and blood cells. So, what can we eat to meet the needs? Is there something that vegetarians and vegans can pick? Let’s talk about this further below so you know what’s right to eat for the needs. https://dapureka.com

Plant-Derived Products for Vitamin B12 Intake

When one can’t find something suitable to eat from animal-derived products, we would go for the plant-derived ones. In fact, the plant-based foods are the healthiest sources we should be looking for to begin with.

Sad to say, there is no vitamin B12 contained veg with enough amounts to have per day. So, what can we eat exactly when we can’t possibly consume animal-derived products? Is there such thing as vitamin B12 in veg food? There are some that might make good alternatives though. Let’s see if you would like to consider them all.

It is hard to say them belonging to vegetables, but we use them in our cooking today. So, you should give them some thought at least. First, there is shitake mushroom. To meet the daily requirement for the vitamin per day, consuming 50 grams of dried shitake is what’s recommended. https://dapureka.com/kursus-pempek-palembang-tenggiri-gabus-kakap-parang-online/

Other than it, you can go with nori. 4 grams of it could make good alternative to meet the needs. Fortified cereals for vitamin B12 are good option to take into account too. Don’t take it lightly. To ensure the health of our body, we need this vitamin B12 in veg food.

Vitamin B12 in veg food is hard to find, indeed. However, shitake mushrooms, nori, and fortified cereals could meet the criteria to be good option for it.