Visit Balangan Beach Without Private Driver

Lembongan Penida Tour can help if you want to go to Balangan Beach. If you have no idea about traveling in Bali without hiring a tour agent, we recommend you to use your smartphones. In fact, your smartphones can be your lifesaver so you are not getting lost during your solo travel. But, if you think that you only have a day to enjoy your trip in Bali so you want to avoid any possible bad travel experience, it is worth to spend a little money to go to Nusa Penida. For that we recommended you to hire travel organizer for nusa penida package that offer penida one day trip.

So, how to get the routes and the transportation information about Balangan Beach? In this package, usually recommends you to use a map application that you can access through your smartphones. What you must do first is to activate the map application online on your device. Eventually, you can use online map applications like Google Maps, the built-in map app. To start, activate or register first. If you do not have any online map applications, it is great to download first from various sources like Google or others, depends on your Smartphone compatibility.

The next thing to do is to activate your GPS. This is important so you must allow the GPS on your device finds your presence and the location. Your map will use it to determine the starting point and the best route to reach Balangan Beach.After that, type Balangan Beach Bali as your destination and hit the OK button. You will get some route options for both public transportation and private vehicles. Once your device displayed the route, you can choose one available route and follow the direction. It is great t have one day trip with a tour guide will make your trip is easier and so convenient that if you rely your trip and route information on your device, make sure your device has a great internet connection and nice battery performance.