IELTS Speaking

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IELTS speaking test can be so tricky. You know that you need to practice to be better, but you might not know how to practice effectively how you can find someone to learn or practice together. Just like other skills, this is important for you to practice your speaking skill and doing practices before your IELTS exam. If you have not done this, then it can hinder your opportunity to achieve your aimed score.

IELTS Speaking – Practice by your own

Most people think that practice by their own is such a wasting time. speaking is the two-way communication, so you need a partner right? Not necessarily. There are effective techniques to improve your speaking ability before your test, of course on your own. Firstly, you have to understand the speaking test format. Understand how the test was scored also important too.

The examiner uses the objective and obvious criteria to assess your speaking level – understanding of how they do it is the best key to success. You are able to choose the reliable IELTS speaking test for practice whether for ielts academic or general. Do not forget to try a mock test by recording yourself using a smartphone or other recording devices. You can listen back to your voice and write down each part which you think that it can be improved. Then this is very important, ensure that you can increase your awareness about different problems that you have.

Practice with other students or in a pair

Many years ago, it would be hard to find out someone who help you with IELTS speaking practice, thanks to the internet, it is easier. The best place to find out the study partner is social media groups. However, not all the groups were same and you have to select carefully which group to join and who will you choose to study with. There are some things that you have to consider before you choose the best one, such as is that group was operated by IELTS experts? What kind of people in that group? And so on.

After you decide to join one group, then you have to consider who to be approached to do speaking practice together. You should mention your level, your test date, what times you can be contacted and other necessary things. And You should be careful for those who pretend to be a student, but they are actually “teacher: who want to do some lessons with your than just doing practice. You will find so many online groups by only typing IELTS, but many of them were full of spam and people who said that they are teachers.

Learning with expert coaching

The most effective and fastest way to practice and improve your speaking ability is getting help from IELTS expert. If your car broke down, then you cannot fix it by yourself, but it is better to bring it to the expert.

An IELTS expert should have the experience as the IELTS examiner and has so many testimonials from people that he ever helped in the past. You should be careful in this part, there are so many people out there claimed that they are examiner and expert.

Unless they are highly recommended by someone that you know, so you should not be shy to ask about their experience and expertise. A real expert will have no problem at all to spend their time to talk with you about their qualifications. Besides that, ensure that they give you with money guarantee that you can apply if you do not satisfy with their service. There are many ways that you can try to ielts material for speaking or other skills as well.