The college period is very different from the high school period. From various class schedules, various student organization options, and homework assignments that require you to stand for days. Among all the busy lives, all students definitely want to graduate on time.

If, during your high school years, you have been quite successful in academia and want to continue doing it at university, apply the following tips. Source :

Study hard
To be able to graduate on time is actually very simple, including being diligent in college. Try to be active in class so that the material provided can be received in full. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that are not understood. The speakers will appreciate students who are tenacious and willing to try and in the future you will benefit from this good attitude.

Don’t delay the assignment
In contrast to high school, homework given at conferences sometimes takes a long time to accumulate. Even so, you don’t have to postpone assignments if you want to graduate on time.

Delaying the assignment will make students complacent and will eventually forget it until the last days of collection. Performing tasks with the speed system last night was certainly risky and the results might not be optimal. Compare if you did well before, of course you have the opportunity to correct mistakes and the possibility of getting good grades is quite large.

Determine the priority scale
One problem that prevents many people from graduating on time is that they cannot manage their time and determine their priorities, especially in secondary school. Some problems, such as part time work, organizations, or other off-campus activities, are sometimes too long due to the influence of reading. Focus on your goals for studying and graduating on time, while other activities are only supportive and need to be on time.

Each student has a quota that jumps 3 times or at least 80% attendance
Each university usually has a minimum attendance rule of 80% or if counted at least 3 times absent. But remember, do not use these absurd rations carelessly. It could be that when you are not connected there is homework or even a quiz that is missed. For this, you should immediately ask the incoming friend if you are absent.

Prepare for the worst. But of course, the best thing to do is not to skip class.

Pay attention to the character of each speaker
The method of teaching each speaker is different, you have to understand it. For example, speaker A who likes to give quizzes or lecturer B who prefers UTS or UAS open books. By understanding the character or habits of each speaker, you will be better equipped to face various judgment maneuvers.

Get a minimum of 3 GPA to graduate faster
Getting a high GPA (Average Points Points) is one of the college graduation tickets that you get on time. Why Because with a good cumulative average, you have the opportunity to take the most credit (one semester credit unit).

If, for one semester, your GPA does not meet certain standards set by the campus, you will not be able to use the maximum amount of credit in the next semester. This of course can extend your study period and make it difficult to get your degree.

Determine the topic of the thesis from the start
Determine the theme of the thesis, even the title you want to send must be prepared at the beginning of the semester. Not without reason, it aims to make it easier for you to submit a thesis title when the time comes. So there is no reason not to get a diploma on time just because of a dissertation problem. Source :

Leaving the university on time is every student’s desire. But often, many problems will be faced. This requires commitment and a strong commitment to achieve this goal.