basic dog tricks

The Basic Command That Dog’s Owners Should Know

Pet dogs are real-time buddy know days for most of the people. We love to hug them, roll with them; or even we take them as our Jogging partner. But being with them can be harmful if we don’t train them to follow our instruction very well.

Start with basic

The essential mastery where every dog owners should be aware of before training their dogs is critical. Owners must know the age of their pet dog before training them. There are specific guidelines to be taken care of while teaching their pet dogs to take the commands.

Outdoor environment

Dogs are a rapid learner, as they can learn things faster and quickly. So it is necessary to train and discipline the pet dogs by their owners in a healthy environment. Another crucial aspect is spending enough time with your pet dogs regularly. Taking them outdoors is also an essential part of training them to teach well and discipline them easily.

Few basic dog tricks will help the owners to train their pet dogs to follow their commands. Owners can discipline their pet dogs with a few simple instructions.

Few simple tips for training your dog

  • Sit – The first very basic command your dog must follow is ‘Sit’.
  • Focus on Eye Contact – When you are giving command do not forget to make eye contact with your pet. So that the instructions are clear and understood by your pet.
  • Come – As this instruction will keep them out of any trouble and to follow you whenever you call them. It will help you whenever you are outdoors with your pet.
  • The ‘’Heel’’ command – It will help your dog to walk properly with you with the collar and a leash. Begin walking with the toy in front while saying the ‘’Heel’’ command. Keep praising and guiding the pet with the help of a toy. Repeat this process for 30 seconds until your dog starts following the instruction.
  • Down – This command assists a dog in calming down whenever your pet is anxious or a little scared.
  • Stay – Now this command will teach your pet dog self-control. Open your palm and ask them to sit and say ‘’Stay’’. This will help them to calm down when your dog becomes little aggressive.
  • Leave it – This command is fundamental as it will help your pet dog stay safe when if it becomes curious about a dangerous object. When you say, this command makes sure you make eye contact with your pet to follow your command immediately and leave the object.

Make sure your pet follows a healthy diet and routine to take and understand your command easily as every owner wants their pet to respond to the situations the way they want it. Reward them as and when required and whenever they listen to your command. So take care of your buddy and train them well to be a good pet dog.