OBS Tutorial Series

The stream whatever you see here should appear on your broadcasts when you’re live you have down here a couple of boxes for scenes and sources a scene is a collection of sources and sources are everything from text to your display color all that stuff goes in here games whatever it is you’re broadcasting goes there to the right of that we got the mixer the audio mixer I happen to have two mics right now so they’re both here the one I’m using right now is the one lighten up we can turn it down and up here desktop audio I don’t have any pink playing to the right of that we got scene transitions and over on the far right we have controls we’ve got tvmelayu

The start stream button not going to use that today recording you can record independent Lea streams we got studio mode we’ll talk about that later we’ll talk about all this later so for now let’s just click settings and get onto those let me zoom in here so first thing I’m going to do is change the theme to something a little bit better looking there it is or actually they added a new one in this latest version it’s pretty nice so automatic updates I’d be careful with that in the past i’ve had instability with OBS studio and most of the times that’s happened have been on a brand new update that’s where it’s most likely it’s gotten better it’s less crashing on me than ever before but nothing’s worse than having studio just not work when you want to do a broadcast

And you have to backdate the software and try and get it up and running right when it’s Showtime I’d be a little bit cautious about new updates you can use that feature if you want show confirmation dialog when stopping in certain streams pretty obvious I would recommend it you don’t want to accidentally start a stream but that’s up to you we have a couple other basic things in here nothing really complicated in the general tab we just have source alignment snapping for easier scene making projector stuff system tray let’s go to the stream tab up here so this is where you would go to pick your streaming service and after you do that you would pick a server close to you