New The Beginners Guide to Forex trading

If you want to buy Apple shares Tesco shares you’re going to need a broker a stock broker the stock broker has access to the market you place your order with the broker and the broker execute that order on the market on your behalf and you have an account with this broker and you fund the account and you can place trades and manage trades with the stock broker and it’s the same with a Forex broker so her Forex broker doing exactly the same thing the broker is executing trades on your behalf you can manage positions as well as many other things but your trading currencies you’re not trading stocks forex trading is free for beginners and this is another great thing about forex trading jadwal tv

Is you can open a demo account where the forex broke it doesn’t cost anything usually doesn’t cost anything and if you want to learn the basics of forex trading is for free you know you’re watching this video at the moment is for free and lots of material online that teaches the basics of forex trading is for free so it’s great to get started there’s little to no cost involved obviously if you want to learn more advanced things and once you start moving into wanting to trade live and progress in your trading there are costs involved but

If you’re new it’s absolutely for free it can be a very cheap hobby money-making hobby to start with forex trading can be the dream career so going back to my slide over here i’ve been trading since 2011 I get to work from home I get to be my own boss I get to make a great income and I do all this from home I have an office at home i’ve left the office for work two times this year and it’s currently October so I get to work from home which is fantastic I get to choose my own hours but I think most importantly it provides a significant income I think that’s why a lot of people are attracted to Forex is you can make a great income a great living trading