New Audi Q8 2019 REVIEW

welcome to Chile and the Atacama Desert where it’s blowing a gale and his freezing cold and I’ve come all this way to test drive this the new Audi q8 and it’s effectively a sporty version of the q7 now before we get into the review. what I wanted to do is make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re already subscribed please hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on because if you don’t have any notifications on you won’t be alerted when we make a new upload and you’ll miss out on all our great content now going to start off by talking around this cars design because it’s very different. than the q7 they’re just having done a few tweaks here and there it’s got whole new bodywork first thing to notice is this grille so this is out is new eight-sided grille and you’re gonna be seeing this style on future Howdy’s but it premieres here on this q8 and it certainly stands out and they’ve done this thing.

Where they’ve given it a mask so the girl actually blends into the lights to give it like a mask like a real face and they’ve actually made the lights slightly differently they put the light unit here in the top and the high beam is below it and it looks like it’s kind of blanked out so the effect is to give you like. this really slim headlight design which looks pretty cool now the front nose of the car is lower than the q7 so too is the bonnet in the car is slightly shorter but it’s lower and it’s slightly wider so down at the side you’ve got a slightly wider track also you’ve got twisted wheel arches and a standard this car rides on the 20 inch alloy wheels to make it stand out this one though is on 22s now. we’ll see what that does to the right quality a bit later in the video something else I want to show you is this lock I’m gonna open the door and you’ll see something unusual the door is frameless look you just have the window there that’s very unusual for an SUV and it looks pretty cool now as iheartcars.net

I was saying the roofline is lower than the q7 not just by biddies that much low which is quite significant and once again late in the video we’ll see what that has done for the space in the backseat once done that features this they look at the rear haunches you’ve got these blistered wheel arches and those are mimicking those you had on the short wheelbase Quattro from the 80s there’s another thing that mimics the Quattro from the 80s look this light bought the back with this black panel I mean that light bar is very very interesting. and I’ll show you a little clip with that because it does a little dance when you turn the lights on and off other things to know that you’ve got this rakish tailgate there you’ve got a roof spoiler and shame of shames look how Dee has given the car fake exhaust pipes they lead to nowhere it just Falls I don’t know. what they’re doing it od has fried Mercedes down the dark path of fake exhaust pipes why I can’t fault Audi for the rest of the design though you see unlike the dowdy q7 the q8 has plenty of presence convinced and let me show you something against. this vast backdrop the curate doesn’t actually look all that large but believe me in real life it is as I’ll illustrate now by bringing in one of our it is more normal sized SUV so here’s a q3 and you’ll see there look just how large and imposing that q8 is it’s definitely gonna stand out on the road.

This particular q8 is in the s-line trim which is actually the entry level point in the UK that means just standard kit but a more expensive starting price the new q8 will stop from around 65,000 pounds. when he goes on sale which makes it about 13,000 pounds more expensive than the q7 now if you go to car were calm you can see how much you can save on a new car however if you don’t think about buying a car yourself but you know someone who is click on the pop-up banner in the top right hand corner of the screen or the link below the video to refer a friend to car wow if they buy a car. through us and you’ve recommended them we’ll give you a 50 pound Amazon gift card speaking of money the inside of the q8 feels very expensive with a minimalist yet high-tech design this interior just follows on from that of the a8 and the a6 it’s got. its own unique vent design but it’s still the similar kind of thing with this big slab and the two central screens there which from honest I’m not the biggest fan of they look nice and are easy to use while you’re stationary but a bit harder to do what are your driving and yeah you can’t roll out this stuff like the ventilation down here like the infotainment up here thankfully you’ve got the virtual cockpit there so you can control most things through that and it’s right in your eyeline pretty much eyes off the road quality is good as ever with an Audi solid firm feels expensive I like the seats in this one so you get sports seats as standard this one has the Super Sport.