Live Streaming – Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up 2019

The you know the web presenter then it would not be very practical because you know by the time you have to go through the menu buttons and by the time you actually get to the menu it’s just you know it’s never into it another fast whereas here I can quickly just adjust the levels right I can you know just the overall level each individual levels I can quickly get to it and that’s that’s the reason why you want to have a dedicated mixer board but again this is something you’re probably going to get into once you kind of slowly build up the things so I would say I would recommend first you know you have a camera probably get tv malaysia

The Blackmagic you know what presenter then you know get like a good microphone like this and pull this this microphone is again it’s just a great set of a studio mic specially for the broadcast stuff so again you know you hook this up and you can hook that up directly to your Blackmagic what presenter and then later on if you get ended up deciding to get the mixer board then you can get it here you know you can plug it into your mix support so that’s kind of how how this works so yeah so this is my kind of a half full life setup and now I’m going to show you guys here from behind and get up here and just show you basically what we have up here

And this is sort of how everything looks you can see my studio is not the super big but anyways this is the main camera Blackmagic you can see here I’m recording right now on it but I’m also through the SDI cable I’m sending that into there basically they’re my you know 8m switcher and here’s how the you know the 8m switcher looks so if there’s light in there so right now it’s kind of a master I have all these different cables but that’s the 8m switcher over there and I can basically have different as the inputs outputs and an HDMI inputs so again it’s kind of a messy mess thing this is the web presenter and you can see you have SDI in and out and HDMI in