LEARN OBS IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginners

The plus sign in order to add a new source and you can see that there’s a whole bunch of options here including display capture when you want to show an entire monitor on-screen game capture for when you want to show a full screen application or a specific game title image for when you want to show a simple JPEG or PNG image on the screen it could be good for overlays particularly if you’re going to do PNG since those can be transparent and let you have the game hide behind the overlay you can also add in a video capture device that would be you would choose a webcam and window capture for miscellaneous windows on your computer so that would be web browsers or you could add in tvmelayu.com

The OBS window itself or maybe notepad plus plus things like that which aren’t games or if they are games you’re probably using a window capture specifically because the game capture isn’t working so let’s create a brand new scene by hitting the add button for scenes we can also do that by right click and then left click on add and we’re going to call this complete tutorial scene so for this complete tutorial scene let’s get started by adding in an image it’s something really simple so I’m going to add in an image here so you can see that you can create new or add existing this is pretty consistent across all the different sources you may want to add n because

If you have a source in another scene it’s easy to incorporate them into your new scene by just adding the source that exists in another scene but for right now we don’t have any so I’m going to just call this a new image test image and you can locate an image file from your computer so for me I’m just going to go over to this list of logos I have and let’s choose the OBS logo so when we pop that in you’ll see that it shows the bounds of that image with the red lines we can left-click on any of these bounds and stretch it if we wish and