Knowing Brothers Episodes Visited by Several “Transfer Students”

Knowing Brothers episodes was re-visited by transfer students, this time Eun Ji Won (Sech Kies) and Kang Kyun Sung (Noel) that just moved from Hawaii. At first everything went pleasantly where they performed “Guess about me”. Ji Won also entered the same group as Seo Jang Hoon and Lee Sang Min. Kang Kyun Sung showed a shy and pleasant attitude when he stood in front of others to ask questions. However, read from Kmazing.org Kang Kyun Sung’s attitude changed 180 degrees. He was very happy when he succeeded in hitting Ho Dong even laughing. Usually, if you correctly answer the question, you will get points, but Kyung Sung gives a blow to the one who answers correctly. Kyung sung’s expression is also very cute.

Then when he asked Sang Min, remembering it or not was the highlight of this episode. The original personality of Kang Kyun Sung came out. Where all the members became very scared and ran to the corner of the room even Hee Chul who was famous for psycho was unable to do anything even said Ho Dong, Hee Chul looked like an ordinary boy (not psycho). After that, they did a game where Kang Kyun Sung and Eum Ji Won challenged the students of the Knowing Brothers episodes to win their title. Eum Ji Won starts challenging all of them to bet while Kang Kyun Sung challenges Min Kyung Hoon in terms of balance because Kyung Hoon is famous for his balance. Can they defend all their titles?

SNSD also visited Knowing Brothers episodes and one of them is in episode 128. The moment when SNSD members attacked Heechul by saying that he had lots of girlfriends and often met with girls. Heechul then evaded saying that many people thought he was gay, then Yoona attacked again by saying that Heechul himself had made the rumor so that he could easily meet many girls at one time. In the end Heechul replied again by leveraging about Lee Sung Gi where Yoona is a former girlfriend of Lee Seung Gi. I was so excited, SNSD had to fill two episodes directly. Read more on https://kmazing.org