Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair Tips

Jewelry Repair – Quality jewelry can be worn, so check your jewelry every year by your jewelry store. If necessary, use our guide to better understand the repair process to find out what is expected at a jewelry store and get the best service.

Jewelry Repair

It all starts with confidence and experience
When planning to repair a ring or gold bracelets for women, you must rely on the expertise of a jeweler. If you still don’t have a reliable jewelry store near you, use our tips to choose a reliable jewelry store.

If a jewelry store offers a special design job, it’s likely he has trained a jewelry shop at home to make repairs on the spot. Of course, there are items, such as watches, that may require repairs outside the office. Start by making sure that jewelry is a member of Jewelers of America – so you know that your jewelry is in good hands and improvements will be made professionally and ethically.

Certified Specialist
Look for jewelry with certified jewelry on the team. This includes certification and training from respected institutions and associations such as Jewelers of America, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS), and the American Watchmakers Association (AWA) for repairs. special watch.

Before you leave
It’s always good to have an idea of ​​the value of coins for jewelry insurance. The jewelry store will evaluate and make offers for the cost and duration of the repair work. There is no work to be done without your permission.

General Jewelry Repair Problems
In good jewelry repairs, the repaired area has the same color, the same brightness, and the same appearance as the other rooms:
There is no tap or other tool mark visible
There are no stitches visible from cuts and welding, such as repairing rings or chains
Stone is very tight and safe in its environment (channels, claws, etc.)

Change ring size
If it is too loose or too tight, jewelry can change the size of the ring in several ways:
Cutting and welding: pieces are made and metal is added or removed to adjust the size to fit. Size must be done in the center of the rootstock, unless the quality mark or the inscription excludes it. Splicing will not be visible when finished.
Calibration Beads: Placed inside the bottom of the stem, they allow a small size difference of up to half the size or less
The spring insert placed inside the rod adjusts to one or two finger sizes.

Chain improvement
Chains that are repaired are never as strong as before they are broken. Although most flat chain repairs can hardly be detected, if the chain is too small, too light or too damaged, there may be some stiffness in the surrounding connections after the repair is complete. Chains that are more difficult to repair because of the complexity including chain chains, such as cable and cable chains, and fish bone chains. Some jewelers may charge additional fees for repairing this jewelry.

Repair the fork
Constant ring wear can cause claw wear and increase the potential for loss of precious stones. Something as simple as opening a sheet or gardening can affect the strength of the claw. Depending on the severity of pin wear, they will be replaced, renovated by adding metal to the top of the claw or replacing the entire claw head. After repairing, the claws have the same size, shape and size. They must pass through the stone crown, making sure the stitches do not tear the clothes.