Do This When Children Show Interest in Music

Do This When Children Show Interest in Music

One intelligence that children have is musical intelligence. Children with this intelligence have an interest in music with the skills to memorize notes quickly, song lyrics, and are skilled at playing musical instruments. Musical intelligence also allows children to develop different intelligences that they may have.

Different intelligence that is very closely related to intelligence is emotional intelligence. Call it the result of music played by children will bring up the effect of happy, cheerful, calm, and even satisfied or proud of his musical ability. That means, his emotional intelligence will get positive stimulation from his musical intelligence.

Well, Mom, if our child starts to show musical intelligence, it’s good that Mama immediately pays attention to the following number of things in order to help the baby develop:

Introduce music to children as early as possible
Strive to facilitate and initiate baby music activities as early as possible if the child indicates an interest in music. Some experienced suggested to introduce a variety of musical activities, both in education and in the format of the game before the baby turned 11 years old.

Many successful researches prove that the delay in carrying out musical activities predominantly fails to master musical competence.

If you don’t want the spectacular intelligence to disappear from your baby, you can send your favorite children to the Farabi Music School in the BSD Educenter building. Led by an experienced Indonesian musician, Dwiki Dharmawan, Farabi Music School presented an interesting learning program for Mama’s baby, a combination of contemporary and traditional music performance.

This music school can also provide private education, as well as workshops with local and international musicians which are held every month. The knowledge of music that will be obtained by Mama’s sons and daughters also varies, ranging from contemporary and traditional music theory, ear training, study of local and international music habits, music arrangements, to the processes that occur in the music industry. How is it, Mom? Interesting right? More info can be seen here, Mom!

Be motivated
Give a sincere appreciation to children as they begin to express their skills and interests in music. When children with lisp and discordant tones proudly sing, Mama must still give the best award. Children at pre-school age still view their singing ability as a form of identity, to the point that criticism of the quality of singing will bring down children’s self-confidence.

Sing along
Singing together with your baby can optimize children’s emotional intelligence. Occasionally take the time to sing your child’s favorite songs together. These moments not only practice children’s musical skills, but also increase the child’s love for them. Your children will feel that their interest in certain types of music is appreciated and your willingness to sing with them will be another format for how much Mama loves and loves him.

Always giving support
Support the child if he starts making his own songs. Children with musical intelligence often change some of the lyrics to their liking. Never revile or belittle a child’s skill in processing lyrics. Let it continue to grow and reach for his hand for Mama to guide to more mature musical intelligence.

Introduce children to songs that contain certain values
Mama’s guidance is definitely needed to develop musical intelligence in children. Mama can ask questions about the child’s response to the music he just sang, or what kind of music he thinks is good. Thus, children do not merely learn to play music, but also have a high appreciation of music.

Mama can also introduce songs containing certain values ​​to children. For example, start teaching Indonesia Raya songs. Through our national anthem, Mama can open up children’s knowledge about the concept of the state, and instill a sense of nationalism from an early age. In addition to the national anthem, traditional songs are no less important because they teach the customs values ​​of an area. Source :

These are things that you have to do when your child indicates an interest in music. Hope it is useful, yes.