Advanced Stream Settings and Guide

That since it doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of your stream I thought I’d still give a brief description I highly recommend playing with it in your own time on a test stream or something just you know how it works now beneficial it can be by honestly you’ll probably be fine out leaving it with one or two well if we got from that we’ve got the encoder and you might see multiple options like I do right here but just click on x264 that’s the best one most people use it I use it and how I recommend you use it as well from there make sure that you actually have them for streaming service encoder settings button checked and then moving on from that we do want to check rescale output so while actually doing research for this video and coming up with a proper guide I found a lot of popular twitch streamers only stream in 720p however youtube streamers is kind of a mix so I went and talked to a few friends of mine who actually stream on Twitch and they told me that up until like last March

There was no point in streaming in 1080p on Twitch and I didn’t know this but basically back then there’s literally no difference in the switch between 720p and 1080p the reason behind that is because there are certain Barrett’s you need in order to actually keep up with our solution your streaming it and tv2 malaysia in allow those back then the max baer and twitch used to be I believe 3500 but since then they’ve upped it to like 6000 which is great and allows you to stream in true 1080p if you’d like I know it might be sing a lot of random stuff for some of you guys and some you guys might not understand what I’m saying but just summarize it before if you streamed in 1080p on Twitch you weren’t really producing real 1080p content

So even though tiny P is allowed now that’s why most streamers just stuck with 720p as it looks near-identical and it has a lower toll on your PC I know I just talked about twitch for so long but what I’m about to say it kind of applies to just whatever platform you’re streaming on but I’m just gonna go ahead and change my risk output to 1280 by 720 is just gonna be the first option right under the 1920 by 1080 one and I highly recommend that you guys all do the same because that’s what most people do you can literally go to almost any twitch streamer you’re only gonna find a few who are actually streaming in 1080p at 60fps but most some are streaming at 720p at 60 fps but on the trips that you do you want to try pushing 1080p then by all means go for it also one thing I do want to mention is make sure you change your ear control from whatever it’s on to CBR I believe it is the default but just make sure that you’re ready but anyways