Nail Tips For Your Wedding

Nail art designs – Our wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. The last thing you need on your wedding day is a mistake. With proper planning, your wedding day must go smoothly and without great tragedy. Whether you choose to hire makeup and a hairdresser for your day or choose to do it yourself, you must plan a wedding day test for your hair, makeup, and nails. Here are some tips to help your wedding day run more smoothly.

1) Never cut your hair or change your hair drastically immediately before your wedding. If you want a completely new look, plan to experiment a few months before your wedding day. If you plan highlights, colors or drastic cuts, get the initial style a few months beforehand and do one or two weeks of treatment before the big day.

2) Schedule a test to run several weeks before the wedding day for hair, makeup, and nails. This will ensure your stylist knows exactly what you want, and you will know exactly how you want to be seen. Plan to bring your tiara, headpiece, and / or veil to the experiment, so you will know how your hair looks with all of its accessories.

3) Your makeup must be timeless and classic. If you have a night wedding, you might want to play a certain feature like your eyes or lips, but not both. Years after your marriage, you will want to see your wedding photos and say how beautiful you look, not how bad the trend is for raccoon eyes.

4) Your nails must also be timeless and classic. Think of pink, ivory, or smooth peaches. French or American manicure is also a safe bet. But if you have a red wedding, and you really want red nails, of course do it, but be aware that they will stand out from your clothes. If you are planning a specific nail color, finish before putting on a wedding dress, so you can see how your nails will look next to your dress.

5) Pamper yourself and get a pedicure before your wedding. Many brides will choose to match their toenails with their nails, but if you wear closed toe shoes, you can choose something funky, like blue to match the old “something blue” tradition.

6) Never wear strong perfume on your wedding day. Some people may be allergic, and under the pressure of your big day, perfume can cause headaches.

7) Make sure you pack your wallet to include: lipstick, mirror, brush, tissue, aspirin, and breath sweets. For Other Information you can Read