In the United States there is a movement that demands reparations for slavery from whites to be given to blacks yet it was blacks originally who enslaved other blacks.  To be more specific it was black Muslims who enslaved other blacks.  In fact they enslaved whites as well.  Thomas Sowell wrote about this as follows in the New York Post (4/29/04)

People who have no idea that Africans enslaved Europeans, just as Europeans enslaved Africans, should read "Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters" by Professor Robert C. Davis of Ohio State University.  For personal accounts of white Ameircans enslaved by pirates in North Africa read "White Slaves, African Masters," edited by Paul Baepler of the University of Minnesota.  The Marine anthem says "to the shores of Tripoli" because Marines were in a naval force sent to rescue Americans from bondage.  

   If demands for reparations for slavery are made they should be made of Muslims, many of whom are black Americans.


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