The greatest strength of capitalism is that it actually works with real human beings,
people who are lazy, base, narcissistic, self-indulgent, foul-smelling, mean-spirited, and unsophisticated.
Capitalism does not require idyllic fictional humans in order for it to work.

Steve Plaut


Critics of capitalism argue that it creates a vast inequality in wealth so that a few people have most of the wealth and power while the majority are poor and exploited.  In actuality there is a discrepancy in wealth under capitalism but most people living in a capitalist system are not poor.  Other economic systems such as Communism in theory should equally distribute the wealth but in fact concentrate the wealth and power in the hands of a few and make most of the populace poorer than in capitalist society.  There is a positive side to capitalism that you don't hear about but that you see when you go to the supermarket or the department store.  There you see every kind of product provided by companies competing to provide for your needs and wishes.  There is a Dunkins Donut in a train station where I go, where the service is incredibly fast and the staff is always asking the next customer, Can I help you?  In Communist countries there is no incentive to be polite and to provide fast service unless you are going to a privately owned store in which case that's capitalism.


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