I have received hate email as a result of my exposes of Islam on this web site.  I include a list of those web pages below as well as the emails.

Islam and Jihad 

Who Was Muhammad?

Islam and Women

Islam and Slavery 

Islamic Intolerance

The Afterlife Trap

Hate Emails


FCarl Ericsonn hope you mother gets blown up next time with your children burning next to her in hell MOTHER F. Your Washington will only last so long. Our people how ever poor they are will get you. Salman thinks he is free, what we will do to him soon will exceed his worse nighmares. Forget about the prophet (PBUH) and what you think he is capable of you think about the people ready to defend the truth about him. If you were in front of me i'd kill you just like Osama did to your beloved trade center may he be rewarded for his bravery if it was in the name of Allah. Make your last wishes soon Qiyamat is upon you dont forget to convert!! And as for your dirty murdering president he kills not in the name of God but in the name of America the dirtiest pot of Homo's child abusers and crooks on the planet and you people have the nerve to insult the Prophet Peace be upon him. I am not a warrior or follow Osama like a God, stop playing with a time bomb, it might just explode again. Take it easy Mother F's

Name: D.Sawant



Name: zahid E-Mail: akbarilahi@hotmail.com

Location: saudi arabia
Comments: hey you, the maker of this shit site, you son of a pig. what rights have u bastard got to talk about the master of mankind. hey eater of pork and its shit, what do you think the islam means....  it means "peace". u are from those shitting jewish bastards who created problems to this true, peace path right from the beginning. u created problems to musa, isa, ibrahim, hud, nuh and our final master of prophets muhammad (sal) and so on. aren't you gutter eaters satisfied by drinks, ladys and money. u come in contact with me i'll explain the truth. note down my e-mail id and come online and write to me. even if you try to leave i'll not leave you. what do you jewish bastards think, hah.
may the curse of your forefathers be upon you too if you deny the truth and finally ,me being in the path of truth, will give you one final advice.....
accept the truth and avoid the hell fire.

waiting for your reply.





From:  noor mohamed klandan
Date: Thursday, June 10, 2004 4:58 AM

To: philosopherplus@hotmail.com

Subject: wassup you lying bastard


hahahahahahahaah what a fucken idiot you are , how the fuck can you lie so much , which koran are you reading you stupid faggot, your dad was a pimp and your mother sucked  for a six pack in bars....i cant belive the stuff you wrote by your self, those are not the words of the koran you fake fuck. People like you mislead the naive american. 


A true mozlem

peace you imbicle fuck


noor mohamed klandan



My response:  The reader is welcome to look up all my quotes from the Koran and the Hadiths to verify whether they are authentic or not.  Since they are, the question becomes why did Mr. Klandan accuse me of lying?  There are two possible answers.  One is that he has never read the Koran.  The second is that he has read the Koran, he knows that I am telling the truth, but he is angry and so accuses me of lying.  If the first is true he could always check on my quotes but he'd rather accuse me of lying.


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