The following are some anecdotes of the tragic consequences of what happened when people worshipped who they believed to be God but who may not have been:

  924 followers of the obscure Ten Commandments of God have been found dead as of April 1, 2000.  The toll is expected to climb higher with the discovery yesterday of a fifth mass gravesite on March 31.  Police believe the leaders, Joseph Kibwetere and Credonia Mwerinda, ordered the systematic murders of hundreds of followers after New Year's Eve when the world didn't come to an end as the cult predicted and members began demanding their money back. 

   The main power in the cult appears to have been Mwerinda, who was known as the "Programmer," and whom Ugandan police discovered had amassed a private fortune from the cult. Mwerinda, 48, is a charismatic former prostitute whose business selling banana beer and local liquor went bankrupt sometime in the early 1980s. Soon afterward she started claiming to have daily conversations with the Virgin Mary.

   She owned a huge farm, several businesses and several fancy cars, police said.

   She would often emerge from solitude claiming to have written declarations from the Virgin Mary and asked cultists for more money.

   "I have been receiving messages from God that the Virgin Mary is annoyed. People are sinning too much and God is going to end the world because of their sins," she would declare, according to former cult members.

  And interesting aspect of this horror is that in some sense the prophesy of the end of the world came true for these people.  Prophesy's have a way of becoming self fulfilling.

On November 18, 1978, over 900 members of a religious group led by the Reverend Jim Jones were killed in an apparent mass suicide. Jones convinced most of his followers to drink a cyanide mixture. Some, including Jones, were shot, either in suicide or murder.

Shortly before the mass suicide, U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated on Jones' orders. Ryan had just landed in Guyana to investigate alleged human rights abuses at Jonestown.

Jim Jones, born May 13, 1931 in Lynn, Indiana, had his own religious congregation, the People's Temple Full Gospel Church, in Indianapolis by 1963. Jones led the interracial congregation (rare at the time) with faith healing, visions and advice from extraterrestrials.

After spending a short time in Brazil, Jones moved his congregation to California. He eventually moved it again to an isolated area of Guyana jungle, naming the new settlement after himself.


   Evil has resulted from worshipping Allah and Jesus as well.   This is discussed further on the Islam and Jihad web site and the Negative Aspects of Christianity web site.   If evil results from worshipping God then is God the devil?


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