I   Is Islam A Peaceful Religion? Thoughts of  Former PLO Terrorists

   A former PLO terrorist, Walid Shoebat, who is now a supporter of Israel but who says he still loves his fellow Arabs, answered this question on the Tovia Singer show on October 17, 2003 and his answer overthrows many conceptions about Islam and the conflict in the Middle East between the Israelis and the Arabs.  You can hear an interview of him by clicking on part 1  and  part 2.    There is also an online video of Walid Shoebat on the OReilly factor added in January 2006 to youtube.  If you want him to speak at your institution you can contact him at theone@mail.com. According to Wesleyan Public Security and the Middletown police, an email from the Bank of Bahrain had placed a $10 million price on Shoebat’s head (frontpagemag.com 4/2/04).

   Kamal Saleem another former PLO terrorist is also a supporter of Israel.  You can hear an interview of him by clicking here.

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